You got some silverware --

Are you eatin' though?

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  • Day 11: How do you react to people making fun of Bo Burnham?

    Dependent on what, or how they make fun of him. If it’s because of his comedy and they don’t like they style, I get a little pissed, but everyone has their own right to their preferred style of comedy. But I do point out that what he says is clever and he puts a lot of work into his songs. BUT if they call him “gay” or “retarded” I go off on those bitches. They expect to get a rise out of me but i stay pretty calm as I tell them to go fuck off. I question if they think it’s bad to be gay, and I tell them that it doesn’t matter to me wether he is or is not. He is still funny, and amazing, and adorable. So yeahh….

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